Swiss Sunshine

Ten sunny days on the most perfect boulders you can imagine, scattered around the valley and shaded by chestnut trees at peak foliage colors. Above them only snowy mountain tops and endless blue sky. One can only ask if there is anything better in life?

Lured in with those November promises, a six-team party from Zagreb and Split quickly gathered and headed for Ticino. Temporary home was found in a idyllic family house, on a hill overlooking Chironico. The village was accessible by a really narrow road that eventually grew on us—after all, the view over the vineyards and rocky houses is gorgeous. 

After the end of the first day, while sitting at the table and waiting for dinner to cook, our psyche was toned down for a moment. Instead of smartphones, everybody was staring at swollen knuckles and bloody fingertips. The first day was everything but rational; it was head on through a brick wall. Holding a can of cold beer felt good. 

Switzerland is a true bouldering Mecca where everyone can find their desired style, and the quality of problems does not lag behind quantity. The combination of climbing in Cresciano and Chironico has proved excellent. Every time when you get tired of one project, the second day you can just switch to another crag. 

To realize that the area doesn't offer fun only in the valley, at the boulders, you need to look up, towards the mountains. On a rest day we drove up the mountain and hiked on alpine pastures to enjoy fresh air and the smell of golden larches. Fresh air, sunshine and spring water completely heal a tired body. Combined with an excellent Dalmatian dinner, reheated by chef Trumbić, the projects couldn't stand a chance, so Borna treated us with a second Croatian 8B.

Climber, photographer based in Croatia