The Project Magazine is a modern climbing and lifestyle publication based out of New York City; focussed on producing content to inspire progress, exploration and success. It is published Monday, Wednesday, Friday and currently run by a global team of of climbing obsessed media types in their spare time. 

We felt there was an opportunity to build something a little different for the climbing community. We've reached the saturation point of content. So much is now distributed across so many channels - fighting for our attention. It can feel overwhelming. It left us asking a question:

What did we really want to see?


We wanted something to inspire us. 

So we built a model reflecting that ideal. We feature compelling and inspiring stories from climbing and that showcase the creativity that exists inherently at its core.

Climbing by its very nature is a creative sport, an act of self expression which leads to movement across rock. Many of those within the climbing community take that one step further, producing beautiful writing, photography and films. We want to give them a platform for that work, a place better suited to showing it than an Instagram or Facebook algorithm.  We're not chasing constant clicks so will be focussing on quality over quantity.  We just want you to enjoy what you find here. So we're only publishing new content on Mon Wed Fri. We'd recommend signing up for our email to get them straight to your inbox. 

The Project Magazine is run by a global team of media types in their spare time, it's built on collaboration and so is our model. All contributors retain the rights to their own work. If you love to create content around the sport we'd love to hear from you and feature your work. We offer those who contribute a set number of pieces each year the opportunity to share in the growth of the publication by becoming part of The Project Collective - they will get a say in how we are run and should we ever monetize The Project Magazine they will receive a part of any profit generated. 

But for the moment we're just focussed on building a network of great climbing creatives, telling the best stories, inspiring people to succeed at their projects. 

We hope you enjoy it.  


Project |ˈpräjˌekt|

NOUN an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.