Faces Of Climbing

What starts as a love for adventure will inevitably turn into countless moments with some of the most inspirational and driven individuals—all of whom share the instinctive feeling to challenge themselves and overcome what was once impossible. Often setting personal goals, just out of reach, as if to prove that with a little dedication anything can be achieved. These underlying qualities that consume them create a culture of acceptance. Exposing the possibility of a constructive, problem solving experience. Through the process of self discovery, moments of frustration often lead to encountering others following in the same path, forming the ideal circumstances of an unifying connection allowing the personal journey and burden to be shared.

The lifestyle of climbing is much more than overcoming a personal obstacle. The root of our enjoyment tends to lie in the community and destinations that we are often surrounded by during our pursuit of those moments of joy. Despite the diverse skill levels found within groups of climbers, sharing the experience of the adventure is often the reason such a unique group of people come together. All types of social misfits in some of the most unlikely circumstances.

A gust of wind hits the rock, a hand slowly reaches into a bag to replenish the essential magic dust that makes the impossible seem within reach. A moment is taken in preparation. Every movement is mentally rehearsed in sync with every breath. Accepting the pain that is to follow leads into silence which consumes the ever present moment. The skin touches rock, each move exposing a new realm of possibilities as if the path to success had been predetermined and absolute. Calm and collected, the end is in sight.

Soon the silence will be broken by loud demonstrations of excitement. As if spreading like a virus, consuming everything in reach. The hoots and hollers begin to surge through the air as the intensity builds, a feeling of bliss. You know what I’m talking about. The good stuff. That moment that is the basis of an unknown but powerful connection. Sharing of an experience with a community of your peers. Once one succeeds in their pursuit of joy, the rest will ensue.

Climbing has had a profound effect on the overall enjoyment of life. Throughout the years it has been a motivation for the drive to explore and interact with exceptional individuals. Looking back a recurring question surfaces: “Why do we spend countless hours chasing obscure objectives that seem to have little to no significance in the greater scheme of things?”. The reward just offers short but sweet moments of satisfaction or leaves a feeling of frustration and disappointment when the challenges seem to be just out of our reach. It isn't till we start to look past the actual act of climbing that it starts to become clear; what drives us to pursue this passion driven lifestyle.

While these may only be a few of the reasons as to why we actively seek the excitement found within climbing and its community, at the end of the day the special moments are those that we shared with friends.

Nomad and photographer living life to the fullest out of a Ford E-150 since 2014