Fronteer Super Gratton

These retro street shoes caught our attention via our friends at Field Magazine. Styled as a affectionate homage to one of the earliest dedicated rock boots, the legendary EB Super Gratton, these Fronteer shoes are available in limited numbers as both a high and low top versions in a range of colours.

Super Grattons were once THE rockboot of the 1960s and 70s, known for their incredible edging capabilities.  Influential in design, later shoes such as the Asolo Canyon and Galibier Contact borrowed heavily from their style. Known simply as "EBs", after their French creator Emile Bourdonneau, the original Super Grattons were the product of an earlier collaboration with the famous Fontainebleau local Pierre Allain who later produced his own version. An essential today for anyone who fancies themselves as a young Jerry Moffatt or John Bachar perhaps. For a truly authentic retro rock-star look combine with an unruly mop of hair, a pair of cutoff jeans and white socks.

This modern take on a classic style steeped in climbing history are available from the NYC upstart Fronteer.