Some ideas are so devastatingly simple you wonder why they have never been created before. The pixl-latr is one such idea and caught our eye after it launched on Kickstarter and reached its funding goal within a few hours. It's a simple low cost tool to enable you to digitize a negative or transparency with a digital camera.  All you have to do is place your film into the pixl-latr, place it on its stand in front of a window or lamp, point and shoot. 

pixl-latr enables the digitizing of 35mm, 120 (up to 6x12) and 5x4 film formats providing a cheap and easy way to scan film. If you're a digital photographer looking to dabble in film it provides the perfect entry to home scanning. For best results you'll still need to ensure your digital camera is held parallel to the film, but a simple copy stand or tripod setup will suffice. For digitising 35mm film using a DSLR our tip is to use a macro lens that allows at least 1:1 magnification, to get the best resolution out of your film. If you're transferring straight to social channels you can even digitize from your mobile phone for a quick and easy solution. 

You can read more about the project here